The Skin Deep

Watch An Engaged Couple Get Brutally Honest Answers To Their Most Emotional Questions

'What is a secret that you have been too afraid to tell me?'

After being together for years, Lynette and Corey are still learning new things about each other. The engaged couple participated in The Skin Deep's documentary series "The And," which exposes the uncensored truth about modern love.

The two don't shy away from the hard questions. "Over the past three years that we've been dating on and off, while we were off, did you date or were you physical with a female?" Corey asks.

Lynette admits she kissed her ex-girlfriend. "In my experience ... sexuality can be very fluid and it doesn't have to be like, 'Oh I'm gay, I'm lesbian, I'm bisexual,' none of that," she later explains.

Watch them get very, very real with each other in the video below.

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