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Black Widow Is Back In An Awesome Looking New Marvel Comic

She's back, and better than ever.

When Marvel Comics announced their enormous Secret Wars crossover event, which is currently throwing all the different alternate universes in the Marvel franchise at each other in a spectacular Battleworld bonanza, they also revealed that they'd be ending a lot of their comic book series for good. One of those series was "Black Widow," which followed the off-duty exploits of Natasha Romanova as she used her deadly skills to atone for her past. Until now, we had no idea whether the red-headed assassin would continue on, or whether she'd been unofficially cancelled.

But don't worry, you won't be saying #WheresBlackWidow for very long, because after Secret Wars she'll be back for more with her own solo-led book. As announced today by Entertainment Weekly, Natasha Romanova is getting a new series with an entirely new creative team -- Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, who are currently killing it on the ongoing "Daredevil" series. And like the Black Widow herself, the art is killer:

Entertainment Weekly/Marvel Comics

The new haircut! The practical costume! The motorcycle. Nat would totally approve.

This new series will pick up where the previous book, written by Nathan Edmonson and drawn by Phil Noto, left off before the beginning of Secret Wars -- although new readers will definitely be able to jump on with the first issue, which is scheduled for a 2016 release. "This Natasha is all about her secrets, and she’s going to have secrets from the audience," Marvel editor Jake Thomas told EW. "We are going to be kept at a distance. And it’s going to be Natasha as the spy, Natasha as the inscrutable figure."

"Black Widow" is just another part of Marvel's current push for more diversity in comics, which also includes new titles like "Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat!," another female-led series by Kate Leth and Brittney Williams; "Totally Awesome Hulk" by Grek Pak and Frank Cho, which features an Asian-American teenager taking on the role of The Hulk; "Red Wolf," which stars a Native American superhero; and a new "Black Panther" written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.