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Little Mix Think Mean Girls Are ‘Such A Shame’

'If girls stick together, we can take over the world,' Jesy said.

Nothing is as important to the girls of Little Mix than each other.

While they may have met on the U.K. version of the "X Factor" in 2011, over the course of the past four years, they have formed a close friendship. In fact, they can't escape each other.

"To be honest, we’re just loving what we’re doing and we get to experience all of this together, which is amazing," Jesy told Teen Vogue. "There aren’t many people who can say they see different things every day. We genuinely get on so well, and even though we’re in each other’s pockets, we never argue — and no one believes us, but even when we get done with work for the day, we still want to have sleepovers. It’s like we're addicted to each other."

And Little Mix intend to keep it like that, because when girls come together, they can "do anything you want."

"When girls stick together, we’re a stronger force," Jesy said. "When girls are bitchy, it’s such a shame because there’s no need for it and if girls stick together, we can take over the world."

And that's exactly what the girls -- Jesy, Jade, Liegh-Anne and Perrie -- intend to do with their upcoming album, Get Weird (Nov. 6), which explores their imperfections. "Everyone’s got this idea of perfection, and everyone strives to be that, but it’s all a bunch of crock," Perrie said. We'll also see their overall musical maturity on the album, which will also give us some throwback vibes.

"We’re growing up. We’re not young girls anymore,” Leigh-Anne said. "It’s a little more cheeky. It’s quite a pop album that’s relatable to everyone — it’s classic ‘80s pop."