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This Two-Legged Kitten Beat The Odds And Is Celebrating With A New Set Of Wheels

The cutest little inspiration ever.

When Cassidy the kitten was found in Langley, Canada, he had been struggling for nine weeks to survive in the wilderness without the help of his hind legs. The property owner who rescued Cassidy called Shelly Roche at TinyKittens, a feline welfare service, who brought him in for much-needed treatment at the Mountain View Veterinary Hospital.

Due to severe malnourishment and infection, the outcome did not look great at first. Along with his missing legs, Cassidy had a septic E. coli infection and was completely emaciated.

"Really, we didn’t know if he was going to make it,” Dr. Renee Ferguson, who treated Cassidy, told the Langley Advance.

Miraculously Cassidy has made it and is thriving, both in terms of his health and internet presence. He even has a hot new set of wheels courtesy of Handicapped Pets Canada, as you can see in the video below. This is all thanks to Roche's efforts, the team at Mountain View and the person who cared enough to call them.

For more adorableness, you can live-stream Cassidy's day-to-day life via TinyKittens' feral cam. His brother Topper -- holy cute, he has a brother! -- also appears. Be warned it will inspire A TON of cat naps, but this video of Cassidy walking to the "Rocky" theme song should wake you back up.

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