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Beyoncé Performed A Secret Concert In Vegas And Everyone Has Major FOMO

So not fair, ugh.

Just when we think the Beyoncé surprises are over, we find out that Queen B put on an unannounced, private concert for a tech party out in Vegas. Sure, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that didn't stop fans from getting crazy jealous when they found out this morning.


We're crazy in love with this free Bee performance.

Can you even imagine? No. No you can't.

Residents of The Palms even took aerial videos because -- well, maybe they were less than pleased with the sound of flawless entertainment.

Nobody should ever have to apologize for Beyoncé.


People at The Palms may not have gotten much sleep last night, but the thought of missing this is going to keep the rest of us up at night forever.

Oh, and guess who else was out there performing a private event?

Taylor Swift.

The "Shake It Off" songstress serenaded The Grammy Museum, where they once had an exhibit about her life, on Wednesday night.