Lana Del Rey Likes You A Lot In Her Newest Music Video

Now this is some 'Music To Watch the Boys To.'

Lana Del Rey is one heck of a flirty beach diva.

That's the obvious message contained in her newest Honeymoon music video, "Music to Watch Boys To," which features the artsy pop noirtist (that's noir + artist = noirtist) doing some of her best eyelash-batting by the courtyard of her blissfully lush paradise.

"Watch Boys" is the second vid to drop from her dreamy new album -- which was released on Sept. 18 -- following her lead single "High By the Beach," which shared the coastal vibe but was otherwise much brighter and more suburban than the new offering.

  • The new vid features a two-toned, shining and sparkly Lana who loves to move and groove in the shadows just so.
  • And she's got some sick seating arrangements where she can sip sauce and watch the basketball players sweat. Double yum.
  • Then, she went for a sultry swim and showed off some Ariel-ish red locks because Lana's deep like that.

This is all just so classically Lana -- yes, the same lady who totally waxed "Little Mermaid" at the Golden Globes -- because her performance art here is smirking, sipping, and sunning, which is basically the ideal day for her as far as we can tell.

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