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Jessica Biel Discovers She Has A ‘Super Vagina’ In Her Sex Ed Video Series

The actress and activist talks condoms and birth control in her hilarious and educational new series.

Earlier this month, we told you about Jessica Biel’s admirable mission to launch an educational video series that teaches women about their bodies and reproductive health. The series, Biel said, would touch on sex-related topics in an “informative but also goofy, smart, witty” tone.

“Vaginas are powerful and its time we talk about them,” Biel said in a press release. “It wasn't long ago that I realized how little I knew about the way my own body worked, and as I started talking to other women, it was clear I wasn't the only one.”

Now, we’ve gotten our first taste of the project, which officially launched on Tuesday (Sept. 29) via Funny or Die — and it definitely delivers on its promise to be both educational AND hilarious.

The three clips show Biel, comedian Whitney Cummings and actress Joy Bryant having refreshingly honest and casual conversations about things that most women might assume are embarrassing or taboo topics.

In the first video, the women rally against too-large condoms — because when the rubber doesn’t fit, things can get uncomfortable quickly. And it can, you know, lead to unplanned pregnancy. Not cool!

Jessica Biel, Whitney Cummings And Joy Bryant On Condoms - watch more funny videos

The second clip highlights IUDs, with Biel sharing her own experience with the small contraceptive devices (and learning she has a “super vagina”).

Jessica Biel, Whitney Cummings And Joy Bryant On IUDs - watch more funny videos

And the third released clip addresses the annoying but rewarding necessity of birth control pills, something many women can relate to.

Jessica Biel, Whitney Cummings And Joy Bryant On The Pill - watch more funny videos

The video series, entitled “If You Don’t Tell Them, Then Who Will,” is being made through a partnership with nonprofit organization WomanCare Global. It promises “no topic is off limits,” so we’ll be eager to see what this fun trio tackles next.

For more information about sexual health and birth control, visit It’s Your Sex Life.