Justin Bieber Settles His Basketball Beef In This Hilarious Mini-Doc

JB and Michael Rapaport settle their years-long feud with an epic one-on-one showdown.

Justin Bieber has been doing one hell of a stand-up job at keeping his world drama-free lately. He’s been on a warpath to polish up his image, and the result is something all true Beliebers have always known: this dude is humble, wickedly talented and an all-around good guy.

But there’s one scandal that’s been quietly trailing Justin for four years now and threatening his status as a bonafide baller — until now.

As you may remember, JB once lent his hoop skills to the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in 2011. His team lost, but the then-16-year-old was awarded the coveted MVP trophy for his surprisingly stellar contributions, which included lots of slick moves and shaggy hair-flipping. Most of us were ecstatic to see Justin pick up the prize (especially after being shut out at the Grammys that same year — RUDE), but there was one man who walked away with an awfully big chip on his shoulder: Michael Rapaport.

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See, the actor and comedian had taken home the MVP prize the year prior, and he was livid that he didn’t win again in 2011. In fact, the loss hurt him so deeply that it inspired a years-long grudge, eating away at his pride and even damaging his family life.

OK, so this is all a faux celebrity beef, but it makes for one hell of an entertaining mini-documentary, which now comes to us via Complex (the same mag that Justin recently graced the cover of). In the new video, entitled “Bieber vs. Rapaport: More Than A Game,” the Complex crew takes us behind-the-scenes of Rapaport's quest for vengeance, including his training sessions, his stalker-like calls to Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, and eventually an epic showdown in which he and JB settle their beef once and for all with an amazing one-on-one game.

We won’t spoil who comes out on top, so watch below to see the hilarity unfold — and to see Justin show off some impressive lay-ups and utter these amazing words: “I don’t think I produce sweat.” CLASSIC.

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