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These Sons Can't Even Handle Watching Their Moms Getting Cat-Called

Cat-calling is no yo mama joke.

It can be difficult for guys to fully grasp what it's like to get cat-called. But it's not entirely their fault -- it's hard to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, especially if they're high-heels and wedges.

Thanks to The Scene, a few young men got to experience cat-calls through the lens of the most important women in their lives — their mothers. The digital storytelling network captured several mothers getting hollered at and played it back for their sons.

While their responses are awkward and humorous at times, the sons' raw reactions were also surprisingly powerful and insightful. By the end of the video, it's clear that no one finds cat-calling amusing.

"She's too old for you guys. Go to school," Tyson said, seemingly the most upset out of all of them. "When someone cat-calls my mom I just feel angry and weird."

We feel you, Tyson. Cat-calls makes us all angry and weird. We only hope that some of these other guys picture it happening to their mothers and stop doing it for good.

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