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This Weird-Looking Sea Turtle Looks Like A Christmas Tree

Scientists discover the first biofluorescent sea turtle.

This week is a ginormous win for science. First, we discover there's definitely water on Mars. Then, National Geographic announces their scientists have found a biofluorescent sea turtle, which basically means it glows in certain colors.

This is not only amazing but also groundbreaking. According to marine biologist David Gruber, who narrates and stars in the video uploaded by National Geographic, this is "the first time that biofluorescence has ever been seen in reptiles."

Gruber was diving in the Solomon Islands to photograph biofluorescent coral. After about 40 minutes, Gruber noticed something he described as "a bright red and green spaceship." Sorry, "X-Files" fans, it wasn't a UFO. It was a glowing turtle. This particular turtle baffled Gruber, besides the fact it was glowing, because "the only animal that [he] can really tell [us] definitively has two colors is corals."

A type of biofluorescent coral.

Additionally, Gruber noted scientists have seen "lots of florescence in marine eels, and it's all green florescence." So, the fact that this particular sea turtle has two different glowing colors is both puzzling and intriguing scientists.

This new information raises some important concerns, however. Gruber wants to know what the biofluorescence is doing in these turtles. Is it actually hurting them in the long run? Or is it ultimately helping them in some way?

Check out the full video below.

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