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This Adorable Toddler Doesn't Want To Sleep, But We're Happy To Take The Nap Off His Hands

Someone is ready for law school.

Children are different from adults in a lot of ways, but the most glaring difference is how they view naps. Kids are constantly trying to talk parents out of sleeping, while adults long for just five more minutes of shut-eye. If someone forced any of us to take a nap, we'd hug them and say thank you.

But in the below video from Rumble, baby Cassidy doesn't even need to talk to make it clear that he's not into this napping idea at all. With the kind of gestures reserved for the most persuasive speakers, he debated himself into exhaustion. While Cassidy was unable to convince his mom, he might have had more luck with the over 70K people who watched his closing arguments.

Don't be in such a hurry to grow out of naps, Cassidy. Trust us, you'll miss them when they're gone!

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