A New App Will Allow You To Take Your Instagram Stalking To The Next Level

You can even keep tabs on Instagrammers you don't even follow.

Good news: if you've been wondering how you can do a deep dive on an Instagram account without accidentally liking an image, you're in luck! A new app will allow you to look at Instas of your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend with no worry.

Instasnoop is the perfect app for you if you have an iPhone and absolutely no shame whatsoever. Users sign into the app with their usual Instagram login information. Then, in addition to not worrying about liking a pic of your boo's garbage ex, you can zoom in on the pictures, staring deep into the eyes of someone you never want to run into unless they're on fire and you're the only person with a bucket of water for miles.

The best/creepiest feature is something called the Snooplist which allows you to invisibly follow the accounts of people you don't follow officially. Neat!

"Don’t want to follow a profile? Just add them to your ‘Snooplist’ to navigate back to this profile for easy snooping any time," the description on Instasnoop's website reads. "Remember when you SWEAR you saw a picture, but don’t remember where? Add images to your Snooplist, and never worry about losing it again."

It's so much easier to covertly follow someone these days, isn't it?