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Demi Lovato Weighs In On Iggy's Butt -- And If It's Real

And Demi says she'd snog Nicki Minaj.

Imagine your favorite star picking you up from school and giving you the chance to ask them anything. That's what happened to students in the United Kingdom recently when Demi Lovato picked them up and gave them a ride.

So, what did they ask? Well, one of them had this burning query: "Is Iggy Azalea's bum real?"

Demi's response?

"Yes...real sexy!" she said on "The School Run." "Yeah, she's real, her butt's real. It's all good. She's awesome."

Iggy Iggs wasn't the only rapper that Demi was asked about. Nicki Minaj also came up. "Out of these three, who would you snog, marry and avoid: ['School Run' host] Nick Grimshaw, Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj?"

"I'd probably snog Nicki Minaj," Demi said. "I'd marry Nick Jonas because we're really good friends and one time he said he'd marry me in one of these things so I feel like I kind of have to say him. It'd be so weird. Friendship goals, exactly. I'd probably avoid Nick Grimshaw.

"I don't want to say I'd avoid Nicki Minaj because I don't want her to get mad at me," she added. "And be like...'Yo, Demi, what's good?'"

But, let's be honest here. That's not the only reason she likes Nicki. This 2014 tweet is proof:

And we already know Demi and Iggy are close friends who work on music together, probably discuss Azalea's wedding ideas and de-stress on Friday nights in surprising ways.