Hugo Cornellier

Incredible Time-Lapse Selfie Video Documents Growing Up In All Its Glory

Watch what happens when you take a selfie (almost) every day for eight years.

Hugo Cornellier, 20, is studying computer science and math at Concordia University. He lives in Montreal, Québec. Oh, and he's taken a selfie ? EVERY ? SINGLE ? DAY ? since age 12. Well, almost.

"While I've managed to take the picture nearly every single day, there has been a few days when I have forgotten or have been incapable of taking a picture," Cornellier clarified on his website.

In July 2014, he dropped a time-lapse video featuring his selfies from age 12 to 19 -- pretty big years, obvi -- that went viral with over 5 million views. On Saturday, Sept. 26, he released an updated video with one more year of selfies.

That's eight years' worth of pics, people. Watch him transform from a baby-faced 12-year-old boy to a slightly less baby-faced 20-year-old *man* below. Ahh, puberty.

For more from Cornellier, follow him on his website, Facebook and Twitter.

H/T Huffington Post