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Tie-Dye Hair Is The Next Colorful Hair Trend You Need To Know About

We love Instagram for too many reasons to list—hi, unlimited photos of Harry Styles—but one major benefit is it introduces us to hair trends and colors we'd never have imagined on our own. There was oil slick hair color and the Kendall Jenner-inspired heart hair—now, we're all about tie-dye hair.

Louisiana-based hairstylist Rickey Zito shared the colorful new style, which was inspired by the swirl of colors seen on the runways at New York Fashion Week. Fortunately, he didn't just share the photos and leave us hanging—he also hooked us up with a tutorial.

While the colorful look works best on lightened hair—sorry, brunettes, there's always oil slick!!—Rickey delineates the steps in three minutes. All you really need is dye and thick hair ties. Oh, and a sense of adventure ?.

Rickey isn't the only stylist getting in on the action—DJ Victory has been documenting her work on Instagram and, um, the results are insane. While Rickey's approach achieves more of a tie-dye effect, DJ puts straight-up swirls in your hair.

So, yeah, if you're in the market for a colorful new 'do, tie-dye may be for you. Though, of course, it may be hard to get anything done because you'll get totally hypnotized staring in the mirror—worth it, TBH.

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