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17 Times Ruby Rose's Instagram Gave Us All Serious FOMO

Seriously, can I be her best friend?

Ever since she starred on the latest season of "Orange Is The New Black," Australian actor and DJ Ruby Rose has slowly but surely become the entire world's brand new crush -- not a "girl" crush or a Woman Crush Wednesday or whatever, a crush, let's all just own it regardless of gender. (Plus she identifies as non-binary so "girl" is a bit inaccurate anyway, right?)

Thankfully, we'll all get more Ruby Rose in our lives when she co-hosts the MTV EMA Awards alongside Ed Sheeran later this month, but judging from her awesome Instagram pics, it's clear that everybody's new fave has an amazing time both on and off the camera -- and it's enough to make any red blooded human adult insanely jealous. Seriously, what is her life?! Let's look back on all the amazing times we wish we could have been there:

  1. That time she chilled with Ellen Page.

    "When you're not sure if you're a YSL Campaign or really stylish waiters." I'd go to that restaurant.

  2. That time she and her dog tried on matching wigs.

    Wait, I want in on this! I could have a purple one!

  3. That time she and her "OITNB" co-stars were total #squadgoals.

    Hands up, who would willingly go to prison just to be part of this cast?

  4. And that time she took plenty of pictures on set, of course.

    Meeting the real live Tank Girl has got to be a dream come true -- especially when you've got a tattoo of her on your back like Ruby Rose does!

  5. That time she rode an inflatable hot dog.

    You know, just a regular day out with the girls.

  6. That time she hung out with Justin Bieber.
  7. That time she became a badass welder.

    "Trying my best zoo lander. While thinking of switching jobs!"

  8. That time she and her girlfriend danced together and it was the cutest thing


  9. That time she fell asleep on a giant teddy bear.

    It's the ultimate in comfort.

  10. That time she ate a literal tower of ice cream cones.

    I want to go to there.

  11. That time she DJed in front of 15,000 people.

    San Francisco, you're so lucky.

  12. That time she ate snails with Janae and Black Cindy.

    Fellow "OITNB" stars Adrienne Moore and Vicky Jeudy were not impressed.

  13. That time she was basically Iron Man.

    Well, "Iron Woman." But dang, does that look fun.

  14. That time she made even Medusa hair look good.

    Expect to see more of this new signature style in the latest "Resident Evil" movie!

  15. That time she went to the Taylor Swift concert and Phoebe Buffay was there.

    How did Ruby even get such good seats? Also, why wasn't she up on stage with them?

  16. That time she was a janitor.

    Somehow, I bet Ruby Rose found a way to make this an entertaining night.

  17. Finally, that time she was just chillin' in a face mask with her dog.

    Sometimes you just need a night off to relax, you know?