Justina Mintz/AMC

Every Zombie We've Seen So Far On 'Fear The Walking Dead'

Pretty small zombie turnout for a show with 'Walking Dead' in the title.

Five episodes in to the dawn of its zombie apocalypse, "Fear the Walking Dead" has really distinguished itself in the zombie drama category -- by being incredibly stingy about showing us, like, any zombies, ever.

Despite the clear implications of its title, the actual walking dead have been pretty peripheral to "Fear the Walking Dead," with some episodes actually daring to include no zombies at all. It's crazy! ...Except that it's actually brilliant. Because when the zombies of "Fear the Walking Dead" are so rare, we can individually celebrate and remember every single one.

So we are. Here, in order, is every single appearance by the walking dead on "Fear the Walking Dead" so far.

  • Gloria

    Hi, Gloria! ...Bye, Gloria.

  • Video Zombie

    The first zombie to go viral. On the internet, I mean.

  • Calvin

    Big props to Calvin for teaching our plucky heroes that dead bodies are dangerous.

  • Art

    He died doing what he loved: terrorizing schoolchildren.

  • Manic Pixie Dream Zombie


  • Cop Zombie

    Lesson learned: riot gear still has its weak spots.

  • Hospital Zombie

    He didn't have insurance, either.

  • Riot zombies (assorted)

    Some of these people are definitely zombies. Or they're about to become zombies. Whatever. Zombies.

  • Hoodie Zombie

    Good eye contact on this zombie.

  • Peter

    That wasn't very neighborly, Peter.

  • Susan

    Ditto, Suze.

  • Kimberly the Donut Zombie

    So long, Kim.

  • This zombie who was hit with a grenade


  • Implied additional library zombies

    Not shown onscreen, but they were there.

  • Arena zombies

    Yep, this arena is chock full of like a million zombies. We just haven't gotten a look at them... yet. (But it's only a matter of time.)