George Mugnani / YouTube

Two Guys Used A Cheetah, Shia LaBeouf And Multiple Car Crashes To Ask Their Dates To Homecoming

Ridiculousness defined.

Two teenage girls were the recipients of what is probably the most absurd homecoming proposal video that has ever been created.

High school student George Mugnani and his friend Adam filmed an '80s-themed music video for the Bonnie Tyler hit "Holding Out For a Hero" to ask their dates Claire and Emma to homecoming and it's a doozy.

In the immortal words of SNL's Stefon, this school dance proposal video has everything: a cheetah, Shia LaBeouf yelling "Do it!", slow motion sequences, tandem bike riding, mustaches (which are real), no less than five car crashes AND gymnastics in a library.

So how did the ladies respond? As Claire and Emma told Total Frat Move, they said yes. Now, it's time to start planning your promposal video, boys.

Watch the full video below.

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