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Here's Who Kim Kardashian Credits With Her Fashion Overhaul

While Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly a style icon in today's world, it hasn't always been that way. Just tune in to the early seasons of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and the memories of animal print and sequins will come flooding back. If you're wondering who deserves the credit for Kim's glamorous transformation, she will quickly and happily offer it up to her husband, Kanye West.

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In an interview with CNN Style, Kim credits her relationship with Kanye as her introduction to high fashion.

"Back in the day, I thought I had the best style," she said. "I look back at outfits and I'm mortified. I remember one day, he brought me Carine Roitfeld's book and was like, 'You should be studying this book, this is the fashion bible.' I was like, 'Who's Carine?' I knew nothing, and he said, 'Watch, one day she's going to style you.'"

Another person who Kim thanks is Givenchy designer and current BFF, Riccardo Tishi, who was the first person who invited her to sit front row.

"Riccardo is the first designer that took a chance on me," she explained. "I'm so grateful that he saw a vision and was willing to dress me, because no other designers were at that time."

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With Kim becoming the go-to person designers want to dress, brands are having to fit their clothes to Kim's body type, which she admits isn't one that they're used to, saying, "My body type is not your typical model body type. It's exciting that I feel that designers are seeing different shapes and styles and willing to take that risk."

Kanye may be the one who boosted Kim's fashion status and pushed her to experiment with clothes, but after years of ad campaigns, high fashion editorials, and front row seats, we think Kim's got a pretty good handle on her own style now.

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