This Video Game Inspired By Drake And Future's 'Jumpman' Is Kind Of Addicting

You can play as the rappers.

Drake and Future might have a hit on their hands with "Jumpman."

The What A Time To Be Alive track, in its first week on the chart, is currently No. 52 on the Billboard Hot 100 -- the highest of the seven songs from the mixtape that catapulted onto the chart. It's clearly a fan-favorite.

So, naturally, someone created a video game inspired by the song. And it's kind of addicting.


Here's how it works: You play as the rap stars -- or, their heads -- and jump (obviously) from brick to brick, trying to gain as many points as you can. You can get boosts by landing on bricks that have pills on them, and if you fall, the game tells you, "You Lost Your Tempo" -- a play on the song's line, "I just found my tempo like I'm DJ Mustard."

If you lose your tempo, don't worry. Just press space bar and you're back it.

Then, before you know it, a half hour has gone by, and you're wondering what you're doing with your life.

You can play here.