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Amanda Seyfried And Justin Long Call Their Relationship Quits

Say it ain't so!

They gave all of us hope that it's totally possible to meet your soulmate other over social media, but now that dream is gone -- Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long are officially ending it.

The two actors met back in 2013, and as Amanda Seyfried revealed during a Vogue Interview in May, it was all thanks to Justin's now defunct Instagram account, which Seyfried found so hilarious that she had to text the "New Girl" star.

But according to US Weekly, Seyfried and Long reportedly broke up a few weeks ago after two years. "He’s really heartbroken," a source close to the couple told the magazine.

So what happened? Odds are that the two just grew apart -- especially since Seyfried also told Vogue in that same interview that "making movies is two solid months of twelve-, fourteen-hour days. I mean, it can ruin your relationship. And if you make too many bad decisions in a row, people don’t come knocking anymore."

And Seryfried is certainly busy these days -- her recent film "Fathers and Daughters," which also stars Russell Crowe, is expected to get an international release later this year, and she's about to start filming the long anticipated reboot of "Twin Peaks." Meanwhile, Justin Long recently started production on Kevin Smith's next movie "Yoga Hosers," and will appear in an upcoming episode of "Drunk History."

So it's pretty understandable that the two would grow apart with all that career stuff they've got going on -- but that doesn't mean we have to be happy about it. Sob!