Dominick Reuter / AFP / Getty Images

Donald Trump's Face Was Carved Onto A Pumpkin, And His Hair Has Never Looked Better

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Trumpkin.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the best month of the year, October. People are already gearing up for Halloween, adorning their homes with all kinds of spooky and creepy decorations. As with every Halloween season, it's also pumpkin-carving time. Some people just aren't gifted in the pumpkin-carving department -- aka me -- but a few special people possess true talent.

Imgur user fizzgig uploaded a photo on Tuesday, Sept. 29 of a pretty spectacularly carved pumpkin. Apparently, fizzgig's mother "is a very skilled pumpkin carver and does about 100-200 pumpkins a year." After someone suggested she make a Donald Trump pumpkin, "she had to do it."


Two Imgur users, CollisionHex and Hollowowl, deemed the work of art the "Trumpkin," which we felt was extremely fitting.