Bow Down To Lea Michele's 'Scream Queens' Transformation, B--ches

Chanel #6 for lyfe.

Let's face it -- most of us probably figured that Hester Ulrich would not stay Neckbrace'd for long, as "Scream Queens" creator Ryan Murphy would never let his fave leading lady look less than fab. (This isn't "American Horror Story," after all.)

But expectations or nah, Lea Michele's transformation into Chanel #6 on Tuesday night's (September 29) episode, "Chainsaw," will go down in history as one of television's best -- and certainly pinkest -- classic makeovers. Here's how it all went down, losers:

  1. First, Chanel caught Hester snooping -- but where some might see a crime, Chanel saw an opportunity.
  2. ... And Hester was grateful to her new mother.
  3. In nearly no time at all, a new Queen was ready to meet her peasants.
  4. ... Chanel #6 was born!
  6. And even though perfection has its downsides...
  7. ... This is "Scream Queens," so suck up the pain and get used to it, b--ches

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