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Demi Lovato Has Another Adorable Brain Fart — This Time Not Involving Mugs

Genes... jeans... homonyms are tough, y'all!

Oops… Demi Lovato did it again.

Two weeks after Mug Gate 2015, our girl has had another hilarious little brain fart. Or at least, what appears to be one. Let’s examine the evidence.

In case you’ve forgotten (but honestly, how could you), Demi was asked in a radio interview earlier this month about her favorite “dish.” Rather than respond with lasagna or stir fry or, you know, any other actual food, she uttered three little words that she’ll never quite live down: “I like mugs.”

But don’t worry — it turns out the sarcastically-inclined pop star was just pulling a fast one on the interviewer. She later clarified in a tweet that it was all a joke, further hammering home that point with a tongue-in-cheek “mugshot.”

That brings us to today’s little faux pas, which occurred while the “Confident” singer appeared on BBC Radio 1’s School Run segment. The gist of the skit is that Demi was tasked with picking up three lucky girls from school and chauffeuring them home. You know, just a totally casual ride with one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

After a slightly awkward start during which the trio of star-struck girls were all blank expressions and nervous giggles, Demi lightened the mood by quizzing her passengers about their day at school. That’s when one of the girls told her they learned about “inherited genes and stuff,” and Demi responded with this now-classic line: “OK. That’s good. Like hand-me-down-clothing?”

Oh, Demi. Sweet Demi. Demi, Demi, Demi.

The girls quickly corrected her, and Demi recovered, saying, “Right. Genetics. OK. Genes. Got it!”

Whether this was just another joke on Demi’s part, we don’t yet know. Maybe we can expect an Insta with some second-hand denim to pop up on her feed sometime soon? But in her defense, she was probably hella nervous because she said she’d never driven in England before, which, you know, means operating a car on the opposite side of the road. No easy feat!

Anyway, the rest of the video’s definitely worth a watch, as the girls get to play “reporter” and interview her with some legitimately amazing questions. A sampling: “How much money are you worth?” (she expertly dodges that one), “Is Iggy Azalea’s bum real?” (her reply: “Yeah… real sexy!”) and a hilarious round of “Snog, Marry, Avoid” that reveals she and Nick Jonas once made a marriage pact. AWW! Plus, she says she’d snog Nicki Minaj because if she didn’t, she might get the “Yo Demi, what’s good?!” treatment. True that, girl.

Check out the video below to see all the endearing craziness play out: