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This Creepy 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Sneak Peek Will Give You Nightmares

Prepare yourself for what's lurking under the bed...

What's under the bed in Room 64 at Hotel Cortez? Oh, that would just be Max Greenfield writhing in pain. NBD.

The first official sneak peek from "American Horror Story: Hotel" premiered during tonight's episode of "Scream Queens" and it legit had us screaming bloody murder. In it, Wes Bentley, looking all kinds of handsome serious, lays on his hotel bed while Greenfield lurks underneath the box spring.

What does it all mean? We know Bentley plays a detective who checks in The Countess' Hotel Cortez to investigate a string of grisly murders, but we can't imagine he was expecting to find an addict under his bed. Was Greenfield's character, a troubled junkie, hiding from the addiction demon?

According to EW's Tim Stack, the terrifying teaser was from a "pivotal" scene between Bentley and Greenfield, one that clearly sets the tone for the dark season.

Thanks for fueling our nightmares for the next five years, Ryan Murphy.