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A Fan Got Way Too Handsy With Katy Perry And She Was Chill AF

Watch Katy hilariously deal with a fan who just straight-up kissed her.

Unbelievably, Katy Perry is STILL trekking the globe on her Prismatic World Tour, which kicked off in May 2014 and finally wraps up next month. With that in mind, you’d probably think she’d settled into a comfortable, predictable routine and had truly seen it all, right?


Because when Katy brought her show to Brazil for the hyped-up Rock in Rio festival over the weekend (the same one where Sam Smith and Cara Delevingne went gaga over Rihanna), she was truly in for a viral-worthy shock.

As she’s been known to do, Katy invited a lucky KatyCat onstage during the show. But this time, the kind gesture meant unwittingly subjecting herself to a four-minute PDA sesh with a handsy fan named Rayane.


Whether Rayane was inebriated through some mixture of substances or simply high on life, we may never know. “I think she’s rolling!” was Katy’s guess, and since she was the closest to the situation, we’ll trust her opinion on this one.

Anyway, the overzealous fan with a smiley face bra got a little too close to Katy, engaging in some hilarious but cringe-worthy groping, boob-grabbing, butt-slapping, neck-kissing and breathy whispering. And the cherry chapstick on top of it all was when things got taken a little too, uh, south. Check it out:

To Katy’s credit, she was equally bemused by the whole thing, but handled it like a total pro. Poor thing, though… she never did learn how to say “pizza” and “selfie” in Portuguese.