Joseph Gordon-Levitt And The Cast Of 'The Walk' Share Their Most Daring Feats

Plus their best hidden talent.

There's no denying that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a very talented guy. "The Walk" star has displayed his ability to dance, flip and sing his way all over our hearts, and for this movie, based on the true story of a man who erected a wire and walked between New York's Twin Towers -- without a net -- in 1974, he learned how to balance on a wire.

Pretty daring, right?

MTV News caught up with Gordon-Levitt and his "Walk" co-stars Charlotte Le Bon, Ben Schwartz and James Badge Dale and got them to tell us their most daring feat, as well as their very best trick.

There are some, like Schwartz, who live on the edge. "Yesterday I ate a ham and cheese sandwich, and I'm lactose intolerant," he revealed. "I was like, 'I'm gonna take a risk today.'"

And others were more mysterious and fantastical.

"I can make myself disappear," Gordon-Levitt revealed. But of course, he couldn't show us.

"I'm not gonna do it now. I don't do my best trick just anywhere."

"The Walk" hits theaters today.