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Kanye And Kim’s Son May Be Arriving On Christmas Day — Praise Yeezus

This due date is just too perfect.

Ever since Kim Kardashian announced in June that she and Kanye West are expecting a baby boy, we’ve been pondering some pressing questions. What will they name their firstborn son (PLEASE not South)? How will big sister North handle the shared spotlight? And what will actually come first: the baby or SWISH?

With so much to contemplate, we’ve almost forgotten that — oh yeah! — this kid’s arrival is actually getting pretty darn close. In fact, according to a new report, we now know exactly what date we can expect Kanye Jr. (just a placeholder name for now, but we kinda dig it) to grace the Earth with his presence: Dec. 25.

YEP — according to prestigious health publication TMZ, sources “close to the couple” say doctors have told the expectant parents their second child will arrive on Christmas Day. Meaning their baby Yeezus would share a birthday with one Jesus Christ. Destined for greatness much?!

To be fair, due dates are just an estimate, so there’s no guarantee the little guy will cooperate with the plan. If he’s anything like his dad, he’ll make us wait for it, and come when he damn well feels like it (sorry; still a little salty about this SWISH wait, TBH).

TMZ’s sources also add that Kim is planning on having a natural birth, but a C-section may be necessary for safety reasons. Kim and Kanye have reportedly booked a maternity suite at L.A. hospital Cedars-Sinai around Christmastime, so they’re apparently all prepped and ready to go.

In the meantime, we’re going to go ahead and skip the predictable jokes about the irony of the date and Yeezus/Jesus. Instead, let’s focus on what really matters right now: this Capricorn newborn is going to need a name, and we’re kind of hoping Kimye let themselves be inspired by the holiday season and opt for a Xmas-themed moniker. Might we suggest Kris Kringle? It’s a double whammy, paying homage to the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch AND Santa himself. Or maybe they’ll go with a tasteful Noel, which just so happens to be Kim’s middle name. Let us know your own suggestions in the comments!