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Meet Amina Mucciolo, The Closest Person To A Real-Life Mermaid

Welcome to her colorful, wonderful world.

Amina Mucciolo is not afraid of color. The social media pro is taking Instagram by a storm with her bright pics that perfectly match her pastel hair.

Mucciolo posts under the handle @studiomucci, the account for a design firm she founded. Her husband, Salvatore, works as the company's director of operations.

"I was inspired to start Studio Mucci because I was in a place where I really wanted to do something that made me happy and where I could give that happy to someone,” Mucciolo told LA Weekly. “That’s one of the big reasons -- but another reason is because we were dead broke.”

Her Instagram has reached over 97K followers since Mucciolo started it last May. The journey there hasn't been easy, though. In her YouTube videos, Mucciolo has been open about overcoming bulimia and depression.

"There need to be more people who represent more people,” Mucciolo said. “Everybody can’t look the same, everyone can’t afford the same ridiculously priced clothes or whatever. And why would you want to? That’s so boring.”

Take a look at her wonderland-esque Insta pics below.

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