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7 Inventive Justin Bieber Covers, Ranked By Sheer Awesomeness

From Florence + The Machine to CHVRCHES, these takes on Bieber will have you singing along.

By the end of August this year, Justin Bieber already had one 2015 jam completely in the bag: the Jack Ü collab "Where Are U Now." But Biebs being Biebs (and 2015 being the year of his comeback), he wasn't even close to done. "What Do You Mean" followed soon after.

That's probably why both have become celebrated in only a few months' time, covered in tons of different styles by tons of different musicians at varying scopes -- in the studio, in concert and just messing around at the kitchen table. But which song is better? It's an impossible question, which is why we can't simply rank the best covers of one or the other. We have to do them together.

But how do you rank a cover of "What Do You Mean" up against one of "Where Are U Now"? The key metric here is awesomeness. You know it when you see it or when you hear it. Check out the ranking below, and let us know which ones we missed.

  1. Tori Kelly - "What Do You Mean"

    Tori Kelly is becoming a veritable queen of covers, and this live take on Capital FM is no exception.

  2. Kurt Hugo Schneider & Kina Grannis - "What Do You Mean"

    Inventive as it is evocative, this pair's YouTube hit has racked up 1.5 million views -- and counting.

  3. Rixton - "Where Are U Now"

    Rixton twists the electronic half-ballad into a full-blown R&B retreat, recreating the squeaky beat-drop hook with shimmering electric guitar.

  4. Cimorelli - "What Do You Mean"

    The seven unique voices here layer the song's longing into different slots, combining and rising up as one big exclamation of joy (and also slight exasperation).

  5. CHVRCHES - "What Do You Mean"

    For when you need to just let it all go, Lauren Mayberry's voice captures the sweet frustration of the lyrics perfectly. Nod your head accordingly.

  6. Florence + The Machine - "Where Are U Now"

    Big and blue and beautiful -- and bold. Quaking with epic grandeur. As massive as the original song's presence in pop music in 2015.

  7. Pentatonix - "Where Are U Now"

    It just doesn't get any better than this all-vocal take. Listen to that attention to detail! Wow, man. Just wow.