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A Man Used Monopoly To Propose To His Girlfriend In The Most Creative Way Possible

This couple definitely passed Go.

Most people have played Monopoly at least once in their life, but Justin Lebon saw an even better usage for the classic Hasbro game. with the help of pal and successful woodworker Mark Becker, Lebon created his own Monopoly board for his girlfriend, Michal Ott.

After sharing the photos of his customized game on both Reddit and Imgur, his DIY project went viral. Ott said yes on Christmas Day 2014, but Lebon only recently shared his handiwork with the internet.

Here's how it all went down. After Lebon presented his board as Ott's Christmas present, the couple began to play. He handed his bride-to-be a pair of loaded dice, which caused her to land on the chance card. Lebon told Imgur that after he bared his soul to her, he "took the wire key and popped open a secret door underneath the luxury tax...[he] took the ring out and slipped [it] on her finger."

  • Lebon explained the significance of some of the properties.

    He started the board with Match.com, where he and Ott first met.

  • Then, he moved onto their first date.
  • He swapped out the four railroad properties for four Westin hotels.
  • He also included a myriad of other locations important to both of them, highlighting their journey together.
  • Boardwalk, the most expensive property in Monopoly was replaced by "Home Sweet Home."
  • Here's what the entire board looks like.
  • He also made his own special cards for the game.
  • And here's the famous hidden door, which housed Ott's ring.

This is one Monopoly game that doesn't end in bloodshed.

If you'd like to see all the photos from Lebon's project, you can check them out on Imgur.

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