'Scream Queens' Surprise -- Double The Killers, Double The Fun

What fresh hell is this.

"Scream Queens" just introduced a major game-changer: A second red devil.

YEP. Go ahead and shred your "who's the killer" ballots and start anew because everything you thought you knew about the crazed Kappa Kappa Tau killer is about as useless as Chanel #2's last-ditch save me tweet. (Too soon?)

Unless you've had the Detective Denise two-killer vision all along, that is.

"Bitches, gather round."


After finding Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande) with a knife-sized hole in her back from her live-tweeted murder scene last week, MOM a.k.a. Chanel (Emma Roberts) decided to play a game of cover-up by sticking her lifeless bod in the freezer. But -- dun dun dun -- in Season 1, Episode 3 ("Chainsaw"), Chanel's deputy dingbat debutante has not only gone missing, but she's also apparently Instagramming from the beyond.

And they're NOT EVEN CUTE PICTURES, people, so it is time to really sound the alarm.


Of course, Sonya -- Chanel #2's real name, BTW -- has a pair of ultra-rich parents who've got no clue what's happened to their dear and recently departed daughter, but they've got some intel on a former hook-up she had with Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) -- as in, THE Chad Radwell who keeps turning down the HBIC for not being popular enough anymore. Apparently he was all about "porking" her while thinking about the size of her dad's ... bank account. And there's a note to prove it.

So, Grace (Skyler Samuels) and Zayday (Keke Palmer) need a sec to pick up their jaws over that revelation right quick, but then we learn the gobsmacking news that our favorite ear-muffed minion Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) and the suddenly mutinous #5 (Abigail Breslin) have also spent some time between the sheets with the Dickey Dollar Scholar.

And apparently he has a beloved knife collection ... so, you know, another red devil flag right there just a-waving.


But then Chad rouses his boys into a random vengeance in the street mission which involves the whole crew wearing all white as they baseball bat-smack everything red in sight -- fire hydrants, innocent hatchbacks, whatevs -- and that's when TWO red devils show up to answer the siren song of young bloodlust in the night. And some of his buddies pay the ultimate, gushing price.

Convenient timing/location/lack of weaponry? You might say so.

Chad Radwell: Still most DEFINITELY a suspect.

But there are other characters whose suspiciousness is to the hilt right now, tbh.

First of all, Denise definitely thinks Zayday is in on this.


The girl just so happens to have a chainsaw. And, as the good not-really-a-detective-but-sure-big-diff points out, if there were two killers, it'd make sense that Z was around during the KKT house slayings. And apparently she's a show expert on "How to Get Away With Murder" so ...

Yeah, we're not super sold on that theory, either. Yet.

There's also Daddy Dearest who's got an awfully sinister grin, if you ask us.


If Grace's mom was the girl in the bathtub with a baby from the Pilot -- which seems kinda duh at this point, but we don't know for sure just yet -- then Professor Gardner (Oliver Hudson)'s ultra close proximity to the sorority house gives us a fish hook like we've never seen before. Plus, he just so happened to show "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" the same day that the killers' weapon of choice was the Leatherface special.

Oh, and there's also Chanel #3


After she went and made alibuddies (that's alibi buddies) with Sam (Jeanna Han) out of nowhere and revealed that, ahem, she's Charles Manson's freaking daughter because her mother's an obsessed billionaire's wife who thinks aliens are talking to her ... um, yeah, she's on the list.

Hester and Chanel are quite the little squad right now as well.


After Chanel caught Hester (Leah Michelle) riffling through her closet a.k.a. her "second vagina," she decided to exact some makeover punishment and reenact the staircase scene from "She's All That" right there in the grand foyer. Why? Well, she SAYS it was to make the house cooler and thereby elevate her social profile to Chad Radwellian levels, but if you believe a word that comes out of this hellbeast's mouth ever you've not been paying attention to this show.

She's up to something. And her most foaming at the mouth little puppy is probably in on it too.