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This Is How Demi Lovato And Iggy Azalea De-Stress On A Friday Night

It might surprise you.

People often need time to unwind after a long week of work or school. Mega pop stars are no different. So, what do Demi Lovato and Iggy Azalea do to let loose on a Friday night? Their answer might surprise you.

Demi shared this little Friday night secret with Complex for the magazine's latest cover story (she appears on one side while The Biebs covers the other). And the singer didn't stop there. She also explained the commonalities she finds in her Australian homegirl.

"Iggy has really gone through sh-t and didn’t let that take her down a devastating path. There’s respect there," Lovato said. "The fact that she’s gone through so much and I’ve gone through so much and on a Friday night we can make gingerbread houses together instead of going out and drinking our sorrows away—that’s f--king cool."

There you have it, folks: gingerbread houses.

Last month, the duo teamed up to surprise fans at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Iggy, who wasn't scheduled to perform, showed up outta nowhere to lend her friend a hand for a "Cool For the Summer" remix (and you can watch that performance below).

But, of course, their friendship goes beyond gingerbread houses and music. Lovato's slated to be a bridesmaid at Iggy and Nick Young's upcoming wedding.