'True Life' Update: Did Mike Finally Adjust To Life (And Marriage) In Japan?

Find out what happened to the ex-marine from 'I'm Moving Overseas For Love.'

MTV's "True Life: I'm Moving Overseas For Love" followed a West Virginia native who relocated all the way to Japan to be with the woman he loves. We had an opportunity to check in with Mike to see how his life has changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:

You have been in Japan a year now. How are you and Ayano doing?

We have had our ups and downs here in our first year living together, but overall we are happy and slowly getting the feel for each other. The partying has mostly been replaced by boring adult stuff like checking the mail and taking out the trash, so I am starting to feel married now.

How is your job at the cookie factory?    

I have decided the factory is not exactly right for me right now, and I am looking for another job. I just haven't decided how to drop those two bombs to everyone to end my war. On the other hand, I have made it through my first year of college and can't wait to get it all knocked out to open up more doors.

What has been your biggest challenge living in Japan?  

My hardest challenge has been living with a woman without a man cave. I don't get much relax time without hearing a bunch of broken English curse words and catching flying chopsticks to the noggin.

What do you miss most from the U.S.?      

I miss being an active duty Marine and having a group of guys at all times that I could talk to (in English) that could relate to anything I had going on.

What’s next for your marriage?   

Honestly, I am not really sure. Maybe I can talk Ayano into raising a little samurai with me. 

What was it like sharing your story with us?  

I had a blast sharing my story and really liked the MTV crew.