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Woolworths Totally Owned This Guy When He Tried To Troll Them With Eminem References

"Will the real spaghetti please stand up?"

Jamie McGloin‎ officially met his social media match when he posted an Eminem-inspired message on Woolworths Facebook page. Not only did the Australian grocery store respond, but they schooled him on his 8-Mile and other Eminem references.

McGloin's clever post has resonated with the Internet and has already received over 100,000 likes and 30,000 shares after it was posted on Monday. However, with over 130,000 likes on their first comment, Woolworths totally stole his viral thunder. It's hard to compete with compete with the only grocery store to ever engage in a digital rap battle.

If you think this battle was close, Woolworths did not stop there...

The consensus from everyone was that whoever is behind Woolworth's Facebook page is KILLING IT right now, and judging by the comments that should be good for business. Hopefully this person's boss takes notice.

As for McGloin, he may have lost the rap battle, but he deserves credit for getting it started. Well, him and his mum's spaghetti at least.

H/T Buzzfeed

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