Ollie Millington/Getty

Sam Smith Has Begun Channeling His Inner Wizard

It's 'crystal' clear what his newest obsession is.

Last night, Sam Smith let us in on a little secret: He's into crystals.

Yes, while there are plenty of remedies vocalists can use to keep their pipes healthy, especially when they've been recently operated on -- honey and tea come to mind -- Smith has decided to give it go with a more holistic approach. That's where the crystals come in.

"I have always been very sceptical about Crystals, and what they do etc. However, I have decided to give it a go!! So today I purchased my first little Collection. I'll keep you informed with how I'm doing with them. Either way thou, they are beautiful xx," he wrote in the caption.

It looks like some blue throat chakra stones made their way into Smith's new collection of ?crystals?, which could (in theory) help soothe ailing vocal chords. And the yellow/orange one that looks like soap could be citrine, a success stone. The pyramid one that looks like a souvenir from the Las Vegas strip could be to ward off negativity, or it could be to encourage attraction.

And the rose quartz, of course, is for love. Aw.

A scruffy-looking Sam also apparently spent part of the day Monday in self-imposed seclusion.

"Looking like an overgrown crazy person atm. Locking myself away for the day and listening to jazz ????," he wrote.

I feel that. Crystals and jazz, man. ?????