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Gigi Hadid Shows Off Stunning 'Elle' Canada Cover — Step Aside, Haters

If Gigi Hadid's open letter to her body-shamers on Instagram yesterday wasn't enough to prove them wrong, we're sure her new Elle Canada cover will. On Monday (Sept. 28), she let everyone know she's "not going anywhere," and—hi—she wasn't kidding.

The November cover shows features her in a white croptop that reads "#GIGI" across the chest—not unlike the #HADID jacket she wore to the MuchMusic Awards earlier this year.

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Both tops come from designer Mikhael Kale—Gigi first met him at the Elle cover shoot and loved the Gigi shirt so much that she commissioned the Hadid jacket for the MMVAs. Considering her 6.5 million Instagram followers, it's safe to say a lot of people know who Gigi is—if she ever wanted to make sure, though, she has the perfect outfit for it.

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In the interview, Gigi explains why she loves social media, saying, "Now you can be someone's favorite model because of how they connect with you on Twitter, or because of your sense of humor, or what you believe in, or your willingness to stand up for certain things." Considering her eloquent response to ignorant comments, it seems safe to say her willingness to stand up for herself, for one, will win over a lot of new fans.

One major takeaway from all of this? Hate on Gigi Hadid and she'll hit you right back with a bomb fashion cover. Boom.

You can see more from the issue on Elle's website or pick it up on newsstands starting October 12.