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9 Lucky Couples Who Got Celebrities To Help Them Propose

Ahhh, love.

When you're in love, proposing to your significant other can be a nerve-wracking experience. Even if you've talked it over with your beloved and you know that the two of you want to get married to each other, working up the courage to actually pop the question is a whole other ball game -- especially when you decide to do it in public. That's why it always helps to have somebody in your corner to support you when you start to get tongue-tied -- and who better than your favorite actor or musician?

While celebrities are very busy people, sometimes they're more than happy to help (or at the very least, to witness) your marital dreams come true -- like these wonderful people, for example!

  1. Chris Evans And Hayley Atwell

    The pair were greeting fans at Salt Lake Comic Con last weekend when a Captain America cosplayer got down on one knee to ask his Black Widow-adorned girlfriend to marry him. Atwell's face basically says it all -- but both of them got on Twitter to congratulate the couple later anyway. "It was one of the most moving and beautiful things I have been witness to," Atwell wrote.

  2. Matt Smith And Karen Gillan

    Evans and Atwell clearly should have asked "Doctor Who" co-stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan how to react when you get suddenly proposed in front of, as the two had a very similar interaction with two adorable fans last year at the Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con. Is it just me or does Matt seem kinda jealous?

  3. David Tennant

    Must be something in the water at comic book conventions! These two got engaged in the presence of Tenth Doctor David Tennant, wearing matching TARDIS jackets to boot.

  4. Zach Braff

    To propose to his girlfriend Janice, Matt Hulbert enlisted the help of "Scrubs" actor Zach Braff as part of his pledge to Braff's 2013 Kickstarter campaign for "Wish I Was Here."

  5. John Stamos, Orlando Jones, And TJ Miller

    Last year, JP snagged some of his girlfriend Huntleigh's favorite actors to help him propose to her -- although of course, they spent most of the video talking about how attractive JP is and how they will steal him away from her if she doesn't say yes. Thankfully she did -- sorry, Stamos!

  6. Ed Sheeren (And Many More)

    Dude's basically a proposal-assisting champion every day of his life, but he really stole the show in this proposal video for Jim and Sophie, which took session musician Jim four years to put together. "Marry him, have lots and lots of unprotected sex. Everywhere," Ed says.

  7. Ryan Gosling And Saoirse Roman

    While at the "Lost River" premiere at SXSW in Austin, a woman in the audience was so moved by the film that she spontaneously decided to ask her girlfriend to marry her -- and Gosling, ever the romantic, stepped in to hand her a microphone so everyone could witness the magic.

  8. Aaron Paul

    Aaron Paul is Jackie's favorite actor, so her boyfriend Jason managed to chase him down and enlist his help in asking for her hand. "Boy, I hope you said yes!" he joked before signing off with his trademark "Yeah, bitch!"

  9. The Entire Cast Of "How I Met Your Mother"

    Remember during the season 2 finale when Robin thought Ted was proposing to her and freaked out, only to have the ring in her champagne snatched up by the couple eating dinner behind them? That wasn't a bit -- it was a real wedding proposal from Tim Russo to his girlfriend, Jana Rugan. Russo tricked Jana into believing he'd gotten them to be extras on the show, when in reality he'd gotten his friend, a staff writer on the show, to work his proposal into the episode. Mazel tov!