Ed Sheeran Introduces Us To Your New Obsession, Jamie Lawson

Who might make you cry.

Jamie Lawson is just one more reason as to why we should give thanks to Ed Sheeran.

The British singer is the first artist to be signed to Ed's Gingerbread Man Records label, something he thought was a bit of a joke when Ed first approached him.

"He was very drunk so I just assumed he was having a laugh," Jamie told us about how Ed signed him. "Then I get this text the next day saying, "No, I'm serious."

The two have been friends for quite some time, playing local gigs together before Ed hit it big, but all that time he couldn't figure out why Jamie, who is currently opening for One Direction on their On The Road Again Tour, wasn't picked up by a major record label.

"I was like, he's going to get signed in a couple of years and have some smash hits and that will be that, and by the time I released an album, I kept looking at Jamie and being like 'Are these labels stupid? Why hasn't anyone signed him?,'" Ed told us. "And then I had an opportunity to start a record label and I'm like, well, I know who I'm going to sign, and it's Jamie."

Jamie, who is gearing up to release his self-titled debut album (Oct. 9), is currently riding high off his first single, "Wasn't Expecting That," an emotional, heart wrenching ballad. "It's a song about the first moment that a couple meets to the last," Jamie said. "It takes you through their whole life."

I highly suggest listening to it while you're alone because you'll shed countless tears.

"I cried, I cried the sixth time I heard the song," Ed said of his reaction to the track. "I see it as the musical version of "The Notebook. For me, that's what it is. Anytime a dude has seen 'The Notebook,' they'll never tell you that they've seen it because then you're like 'Did you watch the end?' I found the song like that because any dude that has listened to it, you're like 'What did you think of the end?'"

I don't want to spoil the ending, but here's the video and a tip of advice: get the tissues ready.

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