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Meek Mill Was In The Studio With Another Drake Rival

What were they working on?

It's been months since Meek Mill has released a dis aimed at Drake in the wake of their summer feud. But someone who has been taking musical shots at Drizzy recently is Houston rapper Sauce Walka.

On Monday, Walka posted a pictures and video of himself in the studio with Meek Mill. We haven't heard what came out of the session yet, and neither of them shared much info, but given each of their histories, there could be a dis at Drake in the queue.

Or, maybe, they're not focusing on Aubrey, but just used the old "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" adage as a way to connect and make (non-Drake-related) music.

Only time will tell what they cooked up, but Drake has certainly been on Sauce Walka's mind recently.

Just a few weeks ago, he released "Wack 2 Wack," aimed at Drizzy, where he rapped, "Creators turned impersonators/ You got a whole ghostwriter handing you the paper/ What happened to the rap game built off of greatness?/ Now-a-days this shit built off of fakeness."

Their bad blood started back in May -- before the Meek beef was even ignited -- when Walka took exception with Aubrey's annual Houston Appreciation Weekend.

"N---a comes down and uses our culture for lyrical content and ain’t giving sh-t back but a family fun day and some money to some hoes he’s tricking on in the club," he said in an Instagram video. "You f--king idiot. This bitch ass n---a made music with artists from everywhere but Houston.”

Those comments must have made their way to Drake's ears, because he responded shortly after onstage. "I don’t give a f--k what any n---a ever says about me," he said. "This is a place that I love with all my heart. I’m trying to give you more than I ever took from you."

Aubrey certainly isn't shy about sharing his feelings when he's sharing a moment with thousands of fans. Just this weekend, when concertgoers were chanting, "F--k Meek Mill" during a show in Washington D.C., Drake responded, plainly, "Don't worry. He's dead already."