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Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' Takeover Is An Unofficial Holiday In South Africa

So much national pride.

As excited as the USA was for Trevor Noah's "Daily Show" reign to begin last night (Sept. 28), his home country of South Africa has us beat.

Not only are they stoked AF for Noah's new gig, they declared the 24 hours following his takeover an unofficial national holiday, which is being ecstatically celebrated as we speak on Twitter under the hashtag #TrevorNoahDay.

Brad Barket/Getty

Obviously, there's just one thing to do: Join the celebration! Below, we've rounded up a few of the best tweets in honor of Noah's big show.

  • For starters, let's be clear on exactly whose day this is.
  • Some people at this party remember when Trevor Noah was just a wee comedian, starting out, playing office gigs.
  • When "The Daily Show" aired last night, lots of proud peeps were watching from across the Atlantic.
  • Yep, Trevor Noah is basically a god now.
  • And a source of so much national pride.
  • Go, Trevor!
  • Clearly, the entire nation of South Africa was rooting for him to shine.
  • And he did! And it was inspiring.
  • Thanks, South Africa. We love your Trevor, too.