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Justin Bieber Is Giving Beauty Tips On Snapchat Now

If you've spent any time on Snapchat, you've probably come to realize the best selfies to share are those that highlight your beauty regimen—Justin Bieber has come to the same realization. In a snap on Tuesday (Sept. 29)—when he wasn't shading One Direction—Justin shared his love for face masks.

Justin Bieber Snapchat

In a very moody black and white photo, Justin declares masks as essential. Hear, hear! This, actually, is the second time in two weeks that JB has taken his fans ~behind the curtain~ when it comes to beauty and skincare—he recently shared a completely mesmerizing video where he's getting his makeup done.

Now, Justin, if you want to tell us what face mask you're endorsing so we can go and buy it and send similar photos to our friends, we'd appreciate it. We'll be keeping our eyes glued to ya story, pal.