'Scream Queens': Wait, Hester Had Her First Orgasm WHERE?

Sorry, Chanel. But Hester and Chad might be Wallace College's cutest couple.

As the resident death-obsessed pledge of Kappa Kappa Tau, Hester (Lea Michele) might be Chanel's (Emma Roberts) greatest asset when it comes to burying her past transgressions (i.e. murder). But will Hester use her affinity for dead things to get close to Chanel's ex-beau Chad (Glen Powell)? Because that is so against the KKT girl code, Neckbrace.

In a recent interview with, "Scream Queens" co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed that Hester and Chad will connect over their mutual love of dead things -- totally normal, right? -- and that's just the beginning of all of the weird s--t happening in this crazy love triangle.

"We find out she had her first orgasm in a funeral home," Murphy said. "So she finds out Chad Radwell also has this syndrome. So they are brought together and united over their fascination with dead things."


We're not sure how her MOM (aka Chanel) is going to feel about this. On one hand, Chad is a total d-bag who's boning every girl at Wallace College, including Dean Munch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Denise (Niecy Nash) -- "They have a scene where they high-five each other and compare notes," Murphy teased -- but on the other hand, he is the most popular guy on campus. To Chanel, popularity and status mean everything, so we highly doubt she's going to let this freaky relationship between Hester and Chad slide. Or will she join Hester and Chad for a macabre threesome? (Ew.)

That being said, it does play into our theory that Hester not only joins the Chanel ranks as one of Chanel's preppy minions, but also supersedes the KKT president to become the coveted Chanel #1 by the end of the season. Eventually, Chanel's shiny pink bubble is going to pop -- and we can't wait to see her get her comeuppance. And who else to serve it to her than Hester?

But first, Hester really needs to work on her intonation.