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Sam Smith And Cara Delevingne Were The Cutest Friends Ever At Rock In Rio

Watch these BFFs take a thrilling helicopter ride and jam their hearts out to Rihanna.

Warning: There are very high levels of FOMO ahead.

Know why? Because what you are about to witness are two of the coolest and most talented people on the planet, Cara Delevingne and Sam Smith, have the best weekend ever with the OTHER coolest person on the planet, Rihanna.

Feeling jealous yet?

Cara and Sam hit up the Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil over the weekend, where Sam played a headlining set before Rih Rih closed out the festival with a show-stopping performance of her own. And luckily for us, this fab BFF pair documented all of their shenanigans for our viewing pleasure. Check it out:

  1. Before all the craziness of the night set in, Cara had a poolside chill sesh with Rihanna. Casual.
  2. Cara took Sam’s virginity (his helicopter virginity that is), and they commemorated his first time by voguing in front of the ‘copter.
  3. But Sam had a mild freakout once they were up in the air.
  4. Sam performed first, and Cara appropriately danced along to his set.
  5. And she even sang along to every word while he performed an acoustic rendition of “Latch”
  6. After Sam’s set, he joined Cara in the crowd, “submerged” in the sea of Brazilians.
  7. And she documented the crowd freaking out before Rihanna’s set.

    “The calm before the storm... Well maybe not calm @badgalriri @samsmithworld,” she wrote.

  8. They both sang along and danced their hearts out to “Cake.”
  9. And Sam was definitely caught having a Rih-ligious experience.

    “When @badgalriri drops Shirley Bassey before 'Diamonds' ?,” he wrote.

  10. Afterward, Cara called it the best concert experience ever.

    “Hands down the best pop show I have EVER seen. *On my knees and continuously bowing* @badgalriri,” she captioned this snap of Rihanna looking utterly angelic.

  11. And Sam couldn’t help but gush over her too.

    “So much ❤️! I cannot begin to explain how much fun I had last night, this girl continues to blow me away with her talent and dedication and I am so proud of her. I would happily watch that show everyday #RockinRio #canwedothatagainplease,” he wrote.

Friend goals, festival goals, helicopter goals… yep, it’s all here!

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