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Drake Is The Master Of Every Situation

...According to this fortune cookie.

Drake shares many moments on Instagram. Sometimes they're epic moments, like his annual OVO Fest concert pics. Other times, he shares small moments like one that he posted today.

For his latest 'Gram, Drizzy posted a pic of a fortune cookie. So what did his fortune read? "You are the master of every situation."

Is Drake really the master of every situation? That would be difficult to prove, but what we do know for sure is that Drizzy's having a hugely successful year.

Let's take a look at how five situations where Drizzy came off masterful in 2015:

  • If You're Reading This, It's Too Late

    Drizzy started the year by giving fans a gift. "It was like an offering—that’s what it was," Drake later told Fader. "It was just an offering. I just wanted you to have something to start the year off. I wanted to be the first one. I wanted to set it off properly."

    The surprise project debuted at number 1 after its Feb. 12 drop date and by August, it became the first million-selling album released in 2015.

  • The Meek Mill Beef

    Some didn't think Drake would win this battle, but Drizzy proved them wrong.

    Meek Mill called Drake out in a series of tweets. He claimed Drake hired ghostwriters, among other things. Soon, reference tracks (reportedly done by Quentin Miller for Drake) leaked. But none of that seemed to matter. In the end, many viewed Drizzy as the victor. His "Charged Up" and "Back To Back" disses came before Meek's "Wanna Know" and in the end, some felt Mill's efforts were too little, too late.

  • OVO Fest

    Coming off the Meek beef, Drake had plenty of ammo for a revenge- fueled performance. So, at his annual OVO Fest event, he took the stage to perform his Mill disses, backed by Internet memes mocking his Philly opponent. It acted, in some ways, as a celebration in front of a supportive hometown.

    But beyond the disses, OVO Fest also had star-power as Kanye West, J. Cole and Will Smith were also at this event.

  • What A Time To Be Alive

    What A Time To Be Alive showed us what it's like when Drake and Future get together in a studio. Two of the most prominent MCs teamed up and, you might have expected, success followed.

    The project, released this month, debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart after selling 375,000 units. It boasted the following accolades: “third-largest week for an album in 2015 by units” and “second largest sales week for an album in 2015,” according to Billboard.

  • Cash Kings

    It is a wonderful time to be alive, indeed. While Drizzy may not be the top MC on Forbes' annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, he did make the Top 3. With $39.5 million, Drizzy had his best placement on the list yet, beating out Dr. Dre and Pharrell.

That's quite a masterful year. And it's not even over yet. Drizzy's reportedly hard at work on his next solo album, Views From The 6.