Get To Know The 'Grandma' Who Lost It Seeing Taylor Swift Perform With Mick Jagger

It's a story that spans three generations of Swifties.

On Saturday, Taylor Swift welcomed a very special guest to the stage in Nashville -- Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones. The two blasted into a high-energy rendition of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" as the stage exploded into color.

No one was more pumped about this than 72-year-old Rose Marie Fagan from Rochester, N.Y., whose exclamations of joy and disbelief were caught on video and uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. Eventually, the clip made its way directly to Taylor Swift's Twitter page.

But as cool as a "Grandma Freaks Out To Taylor And Mick" story is, it's even cooler when you find out exactly who this grandma is, her journey to the concert and how this particular moment was enjoyed by three generations of Swifties together.

Rose Marie traveled down to Nashville with her daughter-in-law, Michele, and her granddaughter, 10-year-old Stephanie (who both live near Atlanta), to see Taylor, but got there a few days early to "rest up for the big night," as Michele wrote in the video's description. Rose Marie had battled some health problems earlier this year, so in order to make it through the five hours of standing the concert required, she brought in a cane to the concert -- a cane with a fold-out seat. It helped.

What also helped was the training regimen Rose Marie used to help her get fit for the show: "I did a lot to get my health and my stamina back. Standing, walking, treadmill...and I did it!" she told MTV News.


The three Fagans -- Rose Marie, Michele and Stephanie -- went to the show together as a Christmas present for Stephanie, her only granddaughter, and Michele said they locked down tickets almost a year in advance. It was nice for Rose Marie, she said, especially since she had to miss The Rolling Stones, one of her bucket-list live bands, on their tour this year because of her health. Any concert sounded nice, especially on a "girlfriend weekend," as Rose Marie put it.

And, you know, it was Taylor Swift, after all.

"That concert was so spectacular, you almost need to see it twice. Taylor Swift is the whole package," Rose Marie said. "She is a genuine, authentic person. I respect her music, her talent, the way she’s conducted herself for a young person, to really feel the responsibility of being a role model to all these young people."

But nothing prepared Rose Marie for seeing Tay jam out with Jagger, which explains her utter shock in the video.

John Shearer/LP5/Getty

"Anybody who knows me has heard me say, 'The one thing on my bucket list is to see a Stones concert,' and they were an hour away from me this summer, and I couldn’t go!," Rose Marie said. "I just love their music. It just makes me feel a special way."

Michele captured Rose Marie's utter glee on her phone, and her husband, Sean, uploaded it to YouTube to next day.

"When he walked out, it was unbelievable," Michele said. "I mean, just unbelievable, because it had all been set up already that she was desperate to see him, and then when he walked out, she just lost it. I was just lucky I had enough juice in my battery that I could get it recorded."

And from those humble beginnings, the video made its way to Taylor, who tweeted it out to her 64 million followers. It now has 260,000 views on YouTube.

The irony here, as Rose Marie sees it, is how she's only going viral now, despite devoting 25 years of her life fighting to end the institutionalization of nursing homes. She started Take It On For Mom when she retired and has tried to get it some traction via social media.

But 90 seconds at a Swift show were all it took to get her noticed across the web.

It's important to remember that without Stephanie, OG Swiftie that she is, her grandma wouldn't have gone viral at all, because the three likely wouldn't have ended up at the show together. So, shout out to you, Stephanie, for making it happen. And shout out to you, Michele, for buying the tickets so far in advance.

"This whole weekend was supposed to be about Stephanie Rose and her seeing Taylor Swift, and now it’s all about me!," Rose Marie laughed.

Taylor, take note (especially since the 1989 World Tour rolls through Atlanta in October -- hint hint). Your fans' dedication is spreading like wildfire, even within their own families. And that's pretty freaking cool.