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Forget Justin Bieber's Abs -- His New Move Is Way Sexier

Goodbye, chiseled abdomen.

Usually, Justin Bieber's go-to move goes something like this:

Or this:

Or this:

But the Biebs' is reformed now. He's an adult. He's the man that's he's always wanted to be -- a man with platinum blond hair. He's ditched his vest-and-gloves combo for a hoodie and baseball cap, laying low and letting his music speak for himself.

Just because Bieber isn't revealing his abs anymore, doesn't mean he still can't take off something. Listen to the screams when Justin takes his hat off at 0:06:

And here, at 2:24:

And here, at 3:05:

Beliebers are going nuts whenever Justin lifts up his cap to finger through his freshly bleached locks.

I mean, wouldn't you want to comb through that bright mess of hair?

Simply irresistible:

Goodbye abs -- all I need is Justin's hair.