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The Secret Ingredient To This Hot Sauce Is Probably Something That Should Stay A Secret

Would you try Kumache?

Sriracha, Tabasco sauce and other well-loved hot sauces are piled on top of everything from eggs to meat and even made into ice cream. Venezuelan town Kumarakapay is known for its own particular kind of hot sauce called Kumache, and it's made from a reduction of yuca juice, peppers ... and giant ants.

National Geographic interviewed Kendall Donals, a restaurant owner who makes the Venezuelan delicacy using ants (and termites) from the Gran Sabana region. The traditional sauce has actually become a tourist attraction, and Donals says anyone who tries it enjoys his "famous kumache sauce."

Believe it or not, ants are actually healthy to eat -- they're full of protein -- and this sauce was originally created to sustain those who might not have access to healthy food while traveling.

Watch Donalls farm and make Kumache sauce in the video below.

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