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Beyonce Sees Your Double Denim, Raises You Triple Denim

Over the weekend, when Beyonce wasn't performing with Ed Sheeran at Global Citizen Festival, she was wearing denim on denim on denim. Yes, three denim pieces, one outfit.

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Bey let the world know she is more than ready for fall in a long-sleeve chambray shirt and overalls. "Wait, that's only two denim pieces," you may be saying. "You promised us three." Well, my friends, travel a little further down the page with me, please.

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There, in Beyonce's hand, is the key third piece—a denim jacket. While she may not have it on in this photo, it is certainly part of this look—it's practically the same wash as her overalls. Also, check out her right hand—her phone case features the iconic pink and black lettering from her self-titled album and subsequent merch.

Obviously, wearing triple denim AND using your own merch as a phone case is a risky move. Even more obviously, though, is that if anyone can pull it off, it's Beyonce. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some overalls to try on.