From Lady Gaga's Countess To Rachel Berry, Which One Of Ryan Murphy's Leading Ladies Are You?

Are you more of a Chanel #1 or a Fiona Goode?

Love him or hate him, Ryan Murphy knows how to write interesting female protagonists. From brown-nosing opportunist Rachel Berry ("Glee") to vicious mean girl Chanel Oberlin ("Scream Queens") and H.B.I.C. Fiona Goode ("American Horror Story: Coven"), Murphy has created plenty of memorable female characters. And with Lady Gaga's coronation as Murphy's new muse in "American Horror Story: Hotel" just days away, we're sure The Countess will rank high among the badass ladies of Murphy's evil genius.

With Gaga's debut just a few more days away, have you ever wondered which one of Murphy's leading ladies you identify most with? Well, lucky for you MTV News has a scientifically fool-proof algorithm that will help you figure it all out. Take our quiz to find out which leading lady of the Murphyverse you are, once and for all: